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The all-new Reptile Technology EZ-SET DIGITAL THERMOSTAT is an eye-pleasing, small unit yielding up to a 1200W maximum load.  The device is no larger than the average human hand.  An essential device for keeping the optimal temperature within your pet's habitat, while also keeping them safe.

Dubia Roaches

Raised by Reptile Deli

We have spent many experienced years raising Dubia Roaches and continue to apply great efforts into research and development so that your pet reptiles get the very best! We offer both Cupped Dubia Roaches, Bulk Dubia Roaches, and Wholesale Dubia Roaches for Sale - which come in a variety of sizes for your pet bearded dragons, lizards, and frogs, arachnids, geckos, and more!

-Defining Isopods and Springtails

All new cutting-edge isopod culture technology.

All Isopod Cultures are packed with our innovative Bio-Organic Starch Puffs!

All Springtails are packed on our proprietary "moon rock" easy-use puck.

-After a huge effort in our R&D department, we are finally releasing this amazing product.

-Unbelievable Shelf-life with this bio-stable, micro-habitat culture cup.

We have an incredible selection of Isopods for sale - from rare species to add to your collection, to common species and all the ingredients for setting up your bioactive habitat.