REPTIZOO - Lighting - Supersun UVB/UVA Lamps - 160W (P125160)

REPTI-ZOO Super Sun lamp uses UVB powder and technology imported from Japan to produce high-quality beneficial ray emitting glass bulbs and spiral tubes.

The wavelength is stable between 290nm-310nm. The excellent ventilation design is provided in the medium wave UVB sunburn spectrum. The UVB producing bulbs passed the rigorous American ELT certification and have been sold in the American market since 2015

Super Sun (UVB/UVA)

-This sunlamp provides both UVB and UVA, high quality visual light and heat

-Built-in ballast mercury vapor lamp

-Provides natural sunlight rays required by reptile pets maintained indoors

-Effectively prevents metabolic bone disease UVB penetration increased to a distance 12"+