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Dubia Roach - Large - Cupped Roaches Reptile Food (100ct)

Add on Food and Water for your Dubia! Bug Eats 4oz. Food Pouch and/or Bug Drink 4oz Water Polymer Crystal Pouch: None

Dubia Roach - Large - Cupped Roaches Reptile Food (100ct)

This pack of large Dubia Roaches is the ideal reptile food, providing essential nutrition for your pet. With 100 roaches in the pack, you'll have plenty to feed your pet reptile. Dubia Roaches are high in calcium and protein, giving your reptile the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

Approximately 3/4" in size.

Using Dubia roaches as a feeder for your reptile is a popular choice among pet owners due to their high protein and nutrient content and ease of digestion. When feeding Dubia roaches to your pet reptile, it's essential to ensure that the roaches are properly gut-loaded with nutritious food before feeding, as this will help ensure that your pet receives the maximum nutritional benefits from the roaches. Additionally, monitoring your pet's feeding habits and adjusting their diet to ensure they receive a balanced and healthy diet is essential.  

DON'T FORGET - Now add on Bug Eats or Bug Drink to your Dubia order!   Bug Eats comes in a 4oz pouch of our balanced, proprietary blend, dry-food diet...The very same we feed our bugs!  Bug Drink is a 4oz. pouch of water polymer crystal which will make 2 gallons of crystal!  Simply add half of a pouch to a gallon of filtered water, wait about an hour, voila!  You've got crystals for your bugs to drink!

*We can't ship this item to  FL, GA, LA and AL because of state regulations.  Please observe your local laws before purchasing, we will not assume liability for your negligence.