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REPTIZOO - Lighting - Supersun UVB/UVA Lamps - 100W (P95100)

The REPTIZOO Supersun UVB/UVA Lamps are perfect for reptiles that need strong, effective lighting. The 100W bulbs provide intense light that can penetrate thick glass or plastic, making it ideal for reptiles that require high levels of UVB and UVA. The light emitted by the bulbs is also very bright, so it can be used to provide heat as well as light. The lamps are also energy efficient and last for up to 10,000 hours, so you can be sure that your reptile will always have the light it needs.

REPTI-ZOO Super Sun lamp uses UVB/UVA technology imported from Japan to produce high-quality beneficial ray emitting glass bulbs and spiral tubes.

The wavelength is stable between 290nm-310nm.  The excellent ventilation design is provided in the medium wave UVB/UVA spectrum. These UVB/UVA bulbs have passed the rigorous American ELT certification for you and your pet's safety.

Super Sun (UVB/UVA)

-This sunlamp provides both UVB and UVA, high quality visual light and heat

-Built-in ballast mercury vapor lamp

-Provides natural sunlight rays required by reptile pets maintained indoors