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Isopods and Springtails for a bioactive enclosure?

Isopods and Springtails for a bioactive enclosure?


Isopods and Springtails are essential arthropods to introduce into your pet's enclosure. They act as "clean-up crews or busy little janitors" that break down organic matter within your bioactive enclosures. They are essential to creating an ecological balance within the substrate layers of your pet's terrarium. It's safe and recommendable to establish a healthy culture of Isopods and Springtails from Reptile Deli Inc. When you bring your Isopods and Springtails home from one of our authorized retailers or direct to your door from Reptile Deli, be sure to acclimate them. You can think about this process as something similar to a new pet fish, but without liquid. Leave the culture container out at room temperature for a couple of hours as a pre-stage before seeding them into your pet's habitat. After releasing them into your terrarium, be sure to provide an area of high humidity for them to retreat to when hydration is needed. Most Isopods and Springtails tolerate dryer environments but can't last long without moisture.


Fun Fact: Isopods are classified in the crustacean family and have gills.


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