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REPTIZOO - Lighting - Supersun UVB/UVA Lamps - 75W (P80075)

REPTIZOO Supersun UVB/UVA Lamps are an innovative reptile lighting solution that provides your pet with the essential light they need to stay healthy and thrive. The 75W bulb emits powerful UVB/UVA rays that help your reptile friend absorb calcium and vitamin D3, while the basking spot lamp creates a warm, inviting environment for them to enjoy. Additionally, the low-energy LED bulbs help save on power costs and are environmentally friendly. With easy installation and superior performance, REPTIZOO Supersun UVB/UVA Lamps are the perfect way to provide your reptile pet with the nutrients they need and create a comfortable basking area for them to enjoy.

REPTI-ZOO Super Sun lamp uses UVB/UVA technology imported from Japan to produce high-quality beneficial ray emitting glass bulbs and spiral tubes.

The wavelength is stable between 290nm-310nm.  The excellent ventilation design is provided in the medium wave UVB/UVA spectrum. These UVB/UVA bulbs have passed the rigorous American ELT certification for you and your pet's safety.

Super Sun (UVB/UVA)

-This sunlamp provides both UVB and UVA, high quality visual light and heat

-Built-in ballast mercury vapor lamp

-Provides natural sunlight rays required by reptile pets maintained indoors