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Our Brands

Reptile Deli Inc. has been producing some of the industry's best feeder rodents for 14 years.  Our rodents are grown under stringent conditions and regularly tested for quality, to be sure they are in optimal health.   This strict process is to ensure we are providing you and your pet's the best feeder prey source.

Dubia Roaches

Raised by Reptile Deli

We have spent many experienced years raising Dubia Roaches and continue to apply great efforts into research and development so that your pet reptiles get the very best! We offer both Cupped Dubia Roaches, Bulk Dubia Roaches, and Wholesale Dubia Roaches for Sale - which come in a variety of sizes for your pet bearded dragons, lizards, and frogs, arachnids, geckos, and more!

Who is Reptile Deli?

Our company is a family-owned and operated business founded by Brian Kaczmarczyk. We're located in New York. The business was conceived in a small storage pod over 14 years ago and since then has grown to over 25,000 sqft of facilities space.  We've grown a global network of manufacturing partnerships. Our distribution reach for our customers is nationwide serving retail through our web-store only and are currently distributing to over 800+ retail locations across North America.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and rapid order fulfillment. The roots of our company were established in providing veterinarian certified prey sources.  Super Zoo 2021 was the grand premier of a new era for Reptile Deli inc-International Pet Products and we have diversified into cutting-edge feed manufacturing and the distribution of this industry's most advanced reptile products. We focus on providing the highest standard of reptile prey sources as well as the highest quality of terrariums and supplies that the pet industry can offer. We are the first in the industry to bring white knockdown terrariums to the US market and continue to expand our modern line- Reptile Technology. Our substrate and bedding line Reptile Earth is in the ground roots phase, but we are excited to say we have a lot in store for the months to come.  We have also developed an impressive line of acrylic terrariums. The acrylic itself is thick and crystal clear. The seams are top-notch and the overall quality of the product is impressive.  Our website contains all the necessary items you would need to keep your first reptile. We have everything from terrariums to decor to even feeders, which includes our frozen prey and insects. The leaps and bounds that we’ve taken to get to where we are over few years have been extraordinary. In the upcoming years, we will continue to keep growing to meet our customer’s needs and are on a mission-developing the most advanced systems to create maximum efficiency.  There is whole lot more to our story, and we will continue to expand and share on this page, social media channels, and blogs. Thank you for being a part of our unbelievable story.