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REPTIZOO - Mini Halogen Spot Lamps (HL001)

The REPTIZOO - Mini Halogen Spot Lamps (HL001) is the perfect way to provide your reptile with the lighting it needs. This lamp uses halogen technology to produce a bright, white light that simulates the sun's natural light. The compact design is perfect for small spaces, and the swivel head allows you to aim the light exactly where you need it. The REPTIZOO - Mini Halogen Spot Lamps (HL001) is an essential piece of reptile equipment, and will help keep your pet healthy and happy.

-Provides a natural and warm heat source for reptile animals
-Promotes digestion and proper metabolism in reptiles
-An effective source of UVA light
-The build-in special reflector surface helps to achieve ideal illumination Bulb lights without the need of an additional ballast 

-Suitable for providing the daytime heat source for small-scale terrariums

-A large punch of heat in a compact bulb!