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Why are Dubia Roaches the most beneficial feeder insect?

Dubia Roaches-

Simply the best feeder insect.


Why are Dubia Roaches the most beneficial feeder insect?


 Blaptica Dubia, also known as the Guyana Roach or Tropical Spotted Roach, the natural origin is South America, more specifically New Guyana and the surrounding areas. Dubia Roaches were introduced in the pet trade as a domestically produced feeder insect just over a decade ago and have had boomed in popularity as an optimal feeder insect source only within the last five years.


 Bearded Dragons LOVE Dubia Roaches! Dubia Roaches, once the stigma of the name “roach” had dissipated, really resembling something similar to a ground beetle or “roly-poly” in most life stages, are seen as the optimal feeder insect. They yield incredible nutrition and, even more importantly, have a high moisture content, passing along hydration through ingestion of your pet reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and the like. Many desert species rely on the hydration from insects, being it may only rain a small portion of the year. Making Dubia Roaches the best feeder insect you can feed to your beloved pet reptiles, like bearded dragons.



 Why is what they consume so important? It’s as simple as you are what you eat. Many people in the beginning stages of captive breeding development were bragging about their high-protein diets, mainly composed of cat or dog food. These food sources are terrible for the Dubia Roach and your pet consuming it. Dubia Roaches primarily eat grain, fruits, vegetables, and plant matter. The most important aspect to understand about their diet is Dubia Roaches up-convert cellulose into protein. Blaptica Dubia or the Dubia Roach has a special stomach gird that can perform such an impressive process. So, high protein for a Dubia Roach is essentially anything plant-derived. A great example is that species such as domestic house-pest roaches can live amazingly on cardboard for months (cardboard contains cellulose).  


 We feed all of our Dubia Roaches our Nutrifresh Diversified Insect Diet. Nutrifresh Insect Diet was developed by some of the nation’s best nutritionists and zoologists. The diet is lab-grade, irradiated, and packaged with nitrogen to preserve freshness. 


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