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Springtails on "Moon Rock"? Huh?

Springtails for sale at Reptile Deli Inc. packaged on "Moon Rock"? Huh?

Well....not exactly. Our CEO & Founder, Brian Kaczmarczyk, spent over 12 months researching and developing this culture puck and packing. He may have just lost his mind and thought he was on the moon with this New Cutting Edge way to package Springtails. Maybe not so crazy? This new innovative way of packaging springtail cultures has led to the most extended shelf-life we have ever seen in a springtail culture product. It also makes ease of use so painless that our product went viral by the end-user on TikTok. Reptile Deli Inc. Springtail Culture "Pucks" are Sold in over 800 Retail stores across the USA.

Be sure to check out the most advanced springtail culture to be brought into the industry. Unbelievable shelf life of four-plus months with our food/culture "puck." The culture puck absorbs moisture and will respirate moisture over time with the lid secured in place.

Very easy to keep!- Place the culture container at room temperature; if you want the culture to repopulate faster, the optimal temperature is about 75-78 degrees: open the culture container and mist once weekly with distilled or filtered water. If you intend on culturing them within our packaging, we suggest feeding them a small pinch of our Nutrifresh-Diversified Insect Diet once to twice a week.

-Be sure to check out Reptile Deli Inc.'s Springtail Cultures for sale at