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REPTIZOO - Water Dish - Large (ERB09L)

Introducing the REPTIZOO Water Dish - Large (ERB09L)! The perfect accessory for your reptilian friend, this water dish is made of high-quality, durable materials and is designed to hold a large amount of water. Ideal for reptiles that need to drink often or for those that simply enjoy splashing around in their water, the REPTIZOO Water Dish - Large (ERB09L) is a must-have for any responsible reptile owner.

Made from sturdy, non-toxic materials, the REPTIZOO Water Dish - Large (ERB09L) is safe for reptiles to use and is easy to clean. The smooth, sloped sides make it easy for reptiles to access the water and the large size ensures that there is plenty of water for even the thirstiest of reptiles. With its contemporary design and neutral colour, the REPTIZOO Water Dish - Large (ERB09L) will look great in any reptile enclosure.

The REPTIZOO Water Dish - Large (ERB09L) is an essential piece of equipment for any reptile owner and is sure to keep your reptilian friend hydrated and happy. Order yours today!

11" x 9.75" x 2"

Great to put in your reptile's enclosure. It gives a place to put a water source, while also giving a great addition to the enclosure!
It's made out of non-toxic material so its perfectly safe for your pet.