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REPTIZOO - Terrarium Extras - Arboreal Feeders with 2 Magnets and 6 Cups (SX02P)

Introducing REPTIZOO's Arboreal Feeders with 2 Magnets and 6 Cups! These reptile terrarium accessories are perfect for those who want to provide their pet reptiles with a more naturalistic environment. The arboreal feeders attach to the side of the terrarium with two strong magnets, and come with six cup-shaped basins that can be filled with food or water. Reptiles can drink or eat from the cups while perching on the side of the terrarium, just like they would in the wild! The arboreal feeders are made from durable materials and are easy to clean, so you can rest assured that your reptile is getting the best possible care. Give your reptile the gift of a more naturalistic environment with REPTIZOO's Arboreal Feeders!