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REPTIZOO - Snake Bioactive Starter - Stackable (20 Gallon)

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Snake Bioactive Starter - Stackable (20 Gallon) includes:

1-RK301212 Stackable Terrarium (30x12x12)

1-RL04U 5.5" Dome Lamp Fixture

1-N80100A Daylight Beam Spot Lamp 100W

1-AHM11 Thermostat Heat Mat

1-EHR07L Hide Cave (Large)

1-ERB09M Water Dish (Medium)

1-TP015 Terrarium Decoration - Boston Fern

1-Isopods (12 ct)

1-Springtail Culture

1-BioMix Substrate (4Q)

1-Leaf Litter