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REPTIZOO - Rhino Skull Cave (ERS35L)

Looking for a unique and stylish reptile terrarium accessory? Check out the REPTIZOO Rhino Skull Cave! This cool accessory is perfect for any reptile lover and makes a great addition to any terrarium.

Made of durable resin, the REPTIZOO Rhino Skull Cave is safe for both humans and reptiles. It features realistic detailing that makes it look just like a real skull cave! Measuring 14" x 10" x 6", it's the perfect size for most reptiles. The cave also has an opening on the top, making it easy for your reptile to access.

Not only is the REPTIZOO Rhino Skull Cave a great addition to your terrarium, but it's also functional! It provides your reptile with a place to hide and feel safe, as well as a place to lay eggs if you have a female reptile. It's also great for aiding in shedding, as your reptile can rub against the smooth surface of the cave to help loosen old skin.

So why not add some style to your terrarium with the REPTIZOO Rhino Skull Cave? It's a great way to create a unique and stylish habitat for your beloved reptile!