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REPTIZOO - Lighting - UVB 10.0 Spiral Energy Saving Lamps 26W (CT1026)

Looking for a top quality reptile lighting solution? Check out the REPTIZOO UVB 10.0 Spiral Energy Saving Lamp! This great product provides top notch UVB lighting, perfect for keeping your reptilian friends healthy and happy.

The UVB 10.0 Spiral Energy Saving Lamp is designed to emit optimal levels of UVB light, essential for reptiles in order to help them process calcium and synthesize vitamin D3. This helps to prevent or correct metabolic bone disease, a common issue in reptiles due to lack of proper nutrition. The lamp also provides full spectrum visible light, promoting natural activity and improve your reptile's overall well-being.

The REPTIZOO UVB 10.0 Spiral Energy Saving Lamp is a great investment for any reptile lover, and is sure to keep your scaly friend healthy and happy for years to come!