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REPTIZOO - 46" UVB10.0 T5 Tube 54W

The Reptizoo 46" UVB10.0 T5 Tube 54W is a top-of-the-line reptile lighting solution that provides your pet with the necessary UVB rays they need to stay healthy and thrive. This powerful 54-watt bulb emits 10.0UVB, making it perfect for reptiles that require high levels of UVB exposure. The sleek, stylish design of the Reptizoo 46" UVB10.0 T5 Tube 54W makes it a great addition to any reptile habitat, and its easy-to-use installation makes it a snap to set up. Plus, the included 12" reflector hood ensures that your reptile gets the full benefit of the UVB rays.