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How to Get More for Your Money with Flat Rate Shipping

How to Get More for Your Money with Flat Rate Shipping

Recently, we’ve been getting feedback that our shipping prices are costly. This seems to be true in a world where you can purchase just about anything on Amazon and get free shipping.


In our case, since we’re dealing with live insects and frozen feeders, we simply could not afford to offer free shipping on feeders in most cases. The exception is of course the crickets and cupped dubia roaches, which we do offer free shipping on.


The rates that USPS and UPS charges us to ship have increased steadily over the years. In addition, the cost of heat packs and dry ice that are required to make sure everything arrives to the customer in the right condition have also increased.


Maximize Frozen Feeders Cost

One simple way to lower your shipping costs on frozen orders is to order higher quantities at once. Regardless of how much frozen you order, the flat rate of $30 still applies.


So, for example, if you order 25 Rat Pinks the shipping charge would be $30. This may seem cost prohibitive at first, but if you break it down that’s comparable in price to buying feeders at a pet store at about $2.20 each.


The real savings are found in buying in bulk. After all, that’s why you’re buying from us instead of running to the pet store. We’ve been there. The cost of feeding your animal really starts to add up.


Our frozen feeders can last for up to a year in the freezer, so you can save an incredible amount of money just by stocking up on a year’s worth of feeders.


Using the Rat Pinks example again, if you were to order 200 Rat Pinks you would receive that same $30 shipping rate. The cost per Rat Pink would be $0.97 each in this scenario, which is essentially a wholesale price.


Other Ways to Save on Shipping

We also offer flat rate $9 insect shipping for all of our insects, so you any combination of insects will still receive a shipping rate of $9.   


We also have an entire section of the website dedicated to Add-On items such as feed bowls, hemostats, tweezers, or dry feed for reptiles and insects. These can also be added to any order with no additional shipping costs.


 We hope this helps! As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or via Facebook or Instagram message and we’d be happy to help.