✔ Crystal Clear High-Quality Viewing Glass

✔ Durable heavy grade black-metal screen tops

✔ All hold water to designated fill line

✔ 1 year manufacturer guarantee*

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REPTIZOO -RHK19S-8”x8"x12"-Reptile Glass Terrarium - Single Hinge Door

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REPTIZOO -RHK19S-8”x8"x12"-Reptile Glass Terrarium - Single Hinge Door 

The industry's #1 Reptile Terrarium!  Crystal clear glass, every terrarium has a water tight base (marked with water level sticker), unbelievable high quality back metal screen top that can be hinged or come completely off.  All terrariums have stacking capability along with proper clearance for under tank heat source(if needed).  Also, most importantly the door has a great spring-latch that automatically "clicks," locking the door in place upon closing.  A terrarium that not only looks beautiful, but will last for the many years you will need it for your animal's habitat.