✔ Crystal Clear High-Quality Viewing Glass

✔ Durable heavy grade black-metal screen tops

✔ All hold water to designated fill line

✔ 1 year manufacturer guarantee*

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REPTIZOO -12"x12"x18"-Crested Gecko Starter Kit

Reptizoo-AK0303G-12"x12"x18"-Crested Gecko Starter Kit


Reptizoo products are designed for the serious reptile keeper in mind!  The highest quality terrarium and reptile products the industry has to offer!  All Reptizoo Terrarium can stack on one-another.  The Crested Gecko Starter Kit is great for baby and juvenile Crested Geckos and the like!

Crested Gecko Starter Kit Includes-

1-AK03 Mini Habitat Terrarium(8x8x12)

1-NCT13-Real Cork Back Ground(No filler foam here!)

1-4 Liter Bag of Premium Coco Peat

1-SX01 Acrylic Feeder Ledge w/ Suction Cup



1-TP03 Terrarium Plant w/ Suction Cup

1-RV0415 Decoration Simulation Branch (AWESOME!)