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✔ Durable heavy grade black-metal screen tops

✔ All hold water to designated fill line

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Reptile Technology™ - Reptile Keeper Rack™ (RTIN003STA)

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Reptile Technology ™ Reptile Keeper Rack ™ (RTIN003STA)

  We are very excited to give a sneak peak and make available a limited quantity of these incredible racks, as we finish up our product brand line for Reptile Technology!  Cutting edge technology to take reptile husbandry for the serious hobbyist to a whole new level! 

 This 18 tub reptile keeper rack is Great for Baby/Juvenile Ball Pythons, Baby Boas, Leopard Geckos, Smaller species of snakes and Lizards, and more!

*Made of super-lite aluminum alloy that is super strong and durable  

*Tubs are made of super smooth, food grade plastic and are tinted to keep your reptiles comfortable, along with a smooth front "viewing pane" 

*Each rack comes complete with Extreme-Heat, insulated panels that are low in wattage, but put out an amazing amount of heat for all types of temperature gradients  

*Extreme-insulated heat panels are safe and also offer nice safety features such as a superior plug-in cord connection to heat panel made with a heavy duty plastic connector, and a smooth to the touch with no sharp edges  

*It is shipped flat packed and very easy to assemble!  Which, in the end saves you those hefty freight charges.  

The RTIN003STA- comes complete with the following-

6-levels (three breeder tubs per level)

6-Extreme-Heat insulated panels

18- Food Grade-Tinted Reptile Breeder Tubs

1-Set of casters(2 with locks)

Instructions and all the tools you need to assemble the rack in 15mins or less!

This is a soft product REVEAL, so stay tuned as we will be releasing other models, along with tons of supporting media.  Any further questions feel free to reach out to us!  

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