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Reptile Technology EZ-Set Digital Thermostat 1200w max (RT-THC24)


The all-new Reptile Technology EZ-SET DIGITAL THERMOSTAT is an eye-pleasing, small unit yielding up to a 1200W maximum load. The device is no more significant than the average human hand.

The EZ-SET DIGITAL THERMOSTAT is an essential instrument for keeping the optimal temperature within your pet's habitat while also keeping them safe.

-Patented Simple Rotation Function: Easy to set the temperature range
-Easy monitoring: large LED screen displays temperature setting range and probe temperature reading at the same time for easy monitoring
-Heating or cooling setting: can work with heating or cooling equipment
-Waterproof temperature sensor probe for use in many environments still maintaining accurate temperature reading.
-Precise temperature control: the digital thermostat provides temperature control between 40°F and 120°F(5~45°C)
-C°/F°: Displays temperature with Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit
-B memory stores settings in case of power failure
-Alarm flashes when the temperature reaches extraordinarily high or low levels
-EZ-SET-with rotating dial for setting temperature range
-1200W maximum load
- 4.25"T x 3"W x 1.5" Thickness