Dubia Roach - Medium - Cupped Roaches (100ct)

Add on Food and Water for your Dubia! Bug Eats 4oz. Food Pouch and/or Bug Drink 4oz Water Polymer Crystal Pouch

Dubia Roach - Blaptica Dubia

The best feeder for your insect consuming reptiles! Approximately 1/2" in size.

Packed in a self-sustaining pod with a food source for added shelf life and feeding ease. Once they eat all of the food sources simply replace them for continued use of the pod.  

DON'T FORGET -Now add on Bug Eats or Bug Drink to your Dubia order!   Bug Eats comes in a 4oz pouch of our balanced, proprietary blend, dry-food diet....The very same we feed our bugs!  Bug Drink is a 4oz. pouch of water polymer crystal which will make 2 gallons of crystal!  Simply add half of a pouch to a gallon of filtered water, wait about an hour, voila!  You've got crystals for your bugs to drink!