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Crested Gecko Bioactive Starter Kit 18" x 18" x 24"

The Crested Gecko Bioactive Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started in creating a naturalistic habitat for your pet gecko. This complete kit includes everything you need to get started, including a terrarium, artificial plants, UVB lighting, a water dish, and more. The terrarium is made from high-quality materials and is the perfect size for housing your gecko. The artificial plants are realistic and provide your gecko with hiding places and places to climb. The UVB lighting is essential for your gecko's health and provides the necessary vitamin D3 for proper calcium absorption. The water dish is the perfect size for your gecko to drink from and also allows you to mist their enclosure. The included substrate is a bioactive mix that contains live beneficial microorganisms that help break down waste and keep the terrarium clean. This kit also includes isopods and springtails, which are beneficial cleanup crew members that help keep the terrarium clean. All of these items are packed into a convenient starter kit that makes it easy to create a beautiful and healthy environment for your pet gecko.

Crested Gecko Bioactive Starter Kit (18” x 18” x 24”) includes:

1-RK0110NSW White Terrarium - (18x18x24)

1-AT18 Aluminum Compact Hood (18”)

2-CT2026 UVB 2.0 Lighting

1-SX02T Double Arboreal Feeders

1-RV0220 Artificial Cane with Moss

1-RV0410 Simulation Branch (55”)

1-ERB09S Water Dish (Small)

1-TP005-16” Terrarium Plant - Folium Perillae

1-TP003-20” Terrarium Plant - Iha Leaves

1-Isopods (12 ct)

1-Springtail Culture

1-Leaf Litter

1-BioMix Substrate (4Q)