Dubia Roach - Medium - Bulk

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Dubia Roaches

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$ 20.00



Approximately 1/2" in size.

The best feeder for your insect consuming reptiles!  If you are buying bulk, you already know why these rock!

-Flat rate $9 insect shipping, please select this option upon check out!  Thank you in advance!

DON'T FORGET! Now add on Bug Eats or Bug Drink to your Dubia order!   Bug Eats comes in a 4oz pouch of our balanced, proprietary blend, dry-food diet....The very same we feed our bugs!  Bug Drink is a 4oz. pouch of water polymer crystal which will make 2 gallons of crystal!  Simply add half of a pouch to a gallon of filtered water, wait about an hour, voila!  You've got crystals for your bugs to drink!

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